This is a simple guide to use the Reservation Fee service. This service will let you to complete your order comfortably by only paying the 25% of it. Then you will be able to pay the remaining of your order within the next 120 days, in one single payment. 

This service is only available for dolls or doll parts, and it does not include the shipping costs.

Please read carefully before using the Reservation Fee Service

- The time limit to complete the payment is 120 days. Please consider that production times go between 120 to 150 days approximately, so your doll will be shipped once production is completed. Completing the payment does not mean the inmediate shipping of your doll. Thank you for your comprehension.

- Reservation Fees are NOT refundable. If you can't fulfill the payment within 120, please contact me using the contact page or via e-mail at

How to use the Reservation Fee service

Start by adding the doll of your choice to your shopping cart. You can see that the full price of the doll appears on the left. The Reservation option already appears available at the bottom, with the window saying "Reservation is available".

When you tick the box, the price of your doll will become 0.00, and a new item called "Reservation fee" will appear automatically on your shopping cart. You will notice that the new item value is the 25% of your doll value! Proceed to check out normally.

Once you finish the payment, your order will be completed! Remember that you will have 120 days to pay the remaining of your order.

How to complete your final payment

Please go to "My account" section. You can find it at the top-right section of the webpage.

You will notice there is a special section called "My Reservations". Click on it.

Your reservation will appear, and you can check the status of it. A Payment link will be available. The payment link will lead you to a product page. 

The product will have the value of your remaining payment. Please add it to your cart, and complete your payment as usual! 

Now your order is completely paid.