Petrichor body

Petrichor body


Body for Juvenille line heads: Fang, Ophelia, Olathe and Zuri


Height 54-56 cm (depends on the head)
Neck circumference 9 cm
Shoulder width 11.5 cm
Shoulder to wrist 16 cm
Elbow to wrist 8 cm
Length of back 16 cm
Chest circumference 23 cm
Waist circumference 17 cm
Hip circumference 28 cm
Hip to knee 15 cm
Knee to ankle 12 cm
Ankle circumference 8.3 cm
Feet size 6.4 cm

Data sheet

Compatible size clothes and shoes
Regular SD clothes
Polyurethane resin, metal hooks and elastic strings.
This purchase includes
Juvenille body, cushions, box