Custom Limited Make-up service

Make-up service might take from 2 to 4 weeks upon arrival of the doll from factory.

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max

Custom Make-up service for Coppelia line. Limited slots available.

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What is the Custom Limited Make-up Service? 

Custom Limited Make-up Service is an option available for those who purchase any Coppelia line doll during the launching pre-order.
By purchasing this service, you can order a custom make-up, but with certain limitations. You can only use 5 words to describe the idea you have in mind. Those words will be used as a guideline to create your make-up idea. 

You can choose different styles, key words and colors. Please see the following examples:

▲ 5 words: natural / glam eyes / soft eyebrows

▲ 5 wordssoft / strong eyeliner / dark lips

▲ 5 words: natural / fierce expression / black hair

odile.jpg▲ 5 wordsgentle / sweet / painted coral lips 

Other key words that might inspire you (but not limited!):

Color related
  • peach tones (2 words)
  • color-block (counts as 1 word)
  • red lips (2 words)
  • hair color

Make-up style

  • glam
  • grunge
  • Twiggy-Lawson style (2 words)
  • natural


  • fierce
  • sweet
  • sad

Other details

  • vampire fangs (2 words)
  • beauty mark